10 Good Reasons to study at NTC Kaliro

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10 good reasons to study at NTC Kaliro

1. Excellent quality of teaching

The academic staff are devoted to helping students succeed in their chosen teaching career. They make sure teacher trainees are prepared for Microteaching and School Practice. Microteaching systematically trains teacher trainees by allowing them to experience the dynamics of a class before School Practice which is undertaken every academic year so that their employability is not doubted.

2. Computers and ICT Facilities

Benefit from our high quality ICT facilities to help you with your studies. Wi-fi is available throughout the campus making learning faster and better! We have over 150 computers available, both PCs and laptops for your use. You can also attend IT courses and download software for free.

3. Modern Library

The library has various collections of books, journals and periodicals.  But there’s much more to Kaliro’s library than that; it has an Internet café that will make your experience of studying here that much better and fun.

4. Supportive study environment

The environment in Kaliro is supportive of studies. First of all, it’s located in a cool and quiet place. Secondly, the lecturers are friendly making it absolutely easier for students to maximize opportunities for their interaction to their advantage.

5. Recreation facilities

It is a college to reckon with as far as recreation facilities are concerned. Coming here to study is the perfect opportunity to learn, among other things, strumming a guitar, playing a keyboard or games like chess, omweso, ludo, table tennis, netball, volleyball and handball.

6. Power and water supply

There’s constant supply of power and water. You’ll be sure of electricity from the main grid as well as the state-of-the-art standby generator and solar energy.  Regarding water, there is no need to worry – we’ve tapped water, boreholes, water reservoirs and an underground water pump.

7. Healthcare services

If you are looking for a national teachers’ college where your healthcare needs will be met promptly, then look no further. We have a health unit with a resident Medical Officer supported by 2 full time professional and committed nurses.

8. Low cost of living

Another good thing about coming to NTC Kaliro is that you will benefit from the low cost of living which is not the case with other colleges in Uganda.

9. Fascinating college traditions

NTC Kaliro is well known for upholding its traditions of not interfering with students’ choice of leaders as well as freedom of worship and association. We have Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims each with their designated place of worship.  There are also numerous vibrant cultural associations.

10. You’ll make some great friends

When you come to Kaliro, you’ll have an opportunity to make some new and great friends who’ll help you throughout your course. You’ll make them in a hall of residence, game, your cultural association or discussion groups.

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