10th Graduation Ceremony – students to walk away with certificates

NTC Kaliro to hold 10th Graduation Ceremony on Friday, February 22, 2019 at the Graduation Square, the Principal, Mr. Iraalya Bakamya, has said. Mr. Iraalya confirmed this on Friday, February 8, 2019 while meeting all staff. Meanwhile, the transcripts and certificates available for picking are: DES – 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/2017 DEP – 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/2018  ..

NTC Kaliro embarks on empowering lecturers with ICT skills

National Teachers’ College, Kaliro is embarking on equipping lecturers with ICT skills so that they remain competitive in the 21st century, the Principal has said. “This workshop is one of those in a series organized by our ICT section to empower you with ICT skills relevant for this information age,” said Principal, Mr. Iraalya Bakamya, while opening a Microsoft Excel workshop recently. Mr. Francis Otai (Dean of Students) represented Mr. Iraalya who was unable to make it to the workshop because he was out of station on official duty. “We cannot provide quality teacher education responsive to local, national and international needs without honing our ICT skills,” he added. He further said that trainings in ICT are crucial in the modern world because ICT skills are almost mandatory. “Mr. Iraalya, our substantive Principal, has always told us ‘send… [the report] to my email…’ It is not for nothing. He’s encouraging us to be competitive in the 21st century,’” he said. “Soon the Registrar’s office will say ‘we want things…coursework marks…in softcopy; send by email,’” he warned, “So if you are not abreast with these skills, you will be [not only] at a loss [but between a hard surface and the......

10 Good Reasons to study at NTC Kaliro

10 good reasons to study at NTC Kaliro 1. Excellent quality of teaching The academic staff are devoted to helping students succeed in their chosen teaching career. They make sure teacher trainees are prepared for Microteaching and School Practice. Microteaching systematically trains teacher trainees by allowing them to experience the dynamics of a class before School Practice which is undertaken every academic year so that their employability is not doubted. 2. Computers and ICT Facilities Benefit from our high quality ICT facilities to help you with your studies. Wi-fi is available throughout the campus making learning faster and better! We have over 150 computers available, both PCs and laptops for your use. You can also attend IT courses and download software for free. 3. Modern Library The library has various collections of books, journals and periodicals.  But there’s much more to Kaliro’s library than that; it has an Internet café that will make your experience of studying here that much better and fun. 4. Supportive study environment The environment in Kaliro is supportive of studies. First of all, it’s located in a cool and quiet place. Secondly, the lecturers are friendly making it absolutely easier for students to maximize opportunities for......

Amazing: How a Ugandan Civil Servant Who Earns 600K Built a Mega Mansion

By Valerie Omweru Alex Yesterday my good friend Stella Nyanzi posted about going to buy an airtime scratch card of UGX 500, something she has not been used to. In my response, I talked about my salary being low and living in Kampala. The cost of living and the pressures young people go through to succeed in life. I like documenting my work all the time and I have added some pictures to my story. I do not know how to do Photoshop! ..

Breaking the Metal Barrier: Jane Werikhe

by Halima Athumani This is, however, not what she pursued in school. After high school, she joined the National Teachers College at Kaliro to pursue a diploma in Secondary Education on government sponsorship. In 1998 she started teaching history and religious education in a rural secondary school. Five years later she <more>  ..